CarDash covers your oil changes and gives you cash back on major repairs so you can have more money in your budget.

The Only Membership That Guarantees Savings on Auto Care

Free to start. 30-day money back.


Free to start. 30-day money back.

No more wasting time searching for affordable and quality shops

We get it.

Taking care of your car can be stressful. 

Almost too stressful to bother.

More money in your budget with our cash back program and oil change plans

It's hard to budget for when you don't know the price

Shopping around for the best value is time consuming

Mechanics can take advantage of you and recommend unnecessary work

The good news?

Expert mechanics on-call to help you avoid unnecessary work or charges

CarDash takes care of your car, even on a tight budget.



The process is easy, saves time and most importantly, you save money.

How it works?

We partner with the most reputable brands

We negotiate lower rates

We pass most of the savings to you

Never pay for oil changes

Get second opinion on your repair bills. Feel confident in every auto repair decision you make with CarDash Expert Mechanics on your side.

Pay Less This Year On Auto Care

Get comfort knowing you'll never need to pay upfront for oil changes again. With CarDash Oil Change Pass, you'll get covered up to $150 per year.

The only auto care membership that gives you up to 10% cash back on auto repair and maintenance. 

On-call expert mechanics

Save on major repairs so you can have more room in your budget.

Get $150 yearly credits at quality and reputable shops 

Up to 10% Cash Back

Avoid unnecessary work or charges

Free to start. 30-day money back.

More reasons to love CarDash

We're here to give you peace of mind when it comes to taking care of your car.

All benefits below are included in the Pro plan.

Roadside Assistance

Never worry about being stranded when your car breaks down.

Cloud Storage

Exclusive Deals

No paperwork, no hassle. All your vehicle service records are stored digitally.

Get access to exclusive auto deals on car washes, gas, and more!

Five Star Ratings

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Completely Risk-Free

Try CarDash and if you are unsatisfied we will refund you 100% within 30 days. Zero Risk.

We understand how it feels to spend too much on auto care, and we believe everyone should always get a fair price. 

This guarantee covers you for a full 30 days and gives you enough time to decide if it was worth your investment.

“I just signed up for this and got my oil change yesterday. Very cool!”

“I got a Full Synthetic oil change for my Benz, no cheap stuff. You choose whaterver oil you want. It’s worth every penny.”

“I used my pass covering an oil change of $58. CarDash was able to provide me a list of shops that partner with them. After that it was easy sailing.”

Philip S.

“Got my synthetic oil change done today with no issues.”

“This is legit I got my car's oil changed today, cost $85. The second time I use this it will pay for itself.”

Happy customers

Jakob B.

Lauren W.

“It is legit. Got a full synthetic oil change done. CarDash paid for it.”

Paul D.

Matt M.

Victor G.

Completely Risk-Free

Plans start as low as $0/month. Start saving on auto care today.

Free to start. 30-day money back.

We understand how it feels to spend too much on auto repair, and we believe everyone should always get a fair price. We work to give every car owner the upper hand when taking care of their car, so they always know how much they need to pay for oil changes & maintenance and are never overcharged. We are based in Silicon Valley and backed by top venture capital investors.

CarDash Pass is an all-access membership that allows car owners to save money on their auto care bills.

All makes and models are eligible!

What is CarDash Pass?

Frequently asked questions

Take your vehicle to one of our partner shops. Give them your membership information and they will apply your cash back for major services and repairs. For oil changes, CarDash will pay for the service on your behalf.

CarDash Pass is billed monthly and renewed annually. If you would like to cancel your next renewal, just contact us any time at

How does it work?

For right now, this covers one vehicle, but we hope to introduce family plans this year.

Take your vehicle to any of our partner shops. See a list of shops in your area.

What are CarDash Expert Mechanics?

Where can I take my car?

What vehicles are eligible?

The cash back option is available on any automotive repair that you purchase through CarDash, at a qualified CarDash partner!

When can I cancel?

How do I get cash back?

Who is CarDash?

We are former auto mechanics who know all the tricks in the book, and we use that knowledge to make sure you never get overcharged for unnecessary or expensive services. CarDash Expert Mechanics sit at the intersection of technology and auto repair, working on your behalf to make sure you always get a fair price and never have any unnecessary work done.

How many vehicles does this cover?

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